How to Change Mobile Number in Indian Bank

Are you looking to update your mobile number with Indian Bank? Changing your registered mobile number with Indian Bank is crucial for smooth banking transactions and staying informed about your account activity. Whether you prefer online banking, visiting a branch, or utilising an ATM, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you change your registered mobile number hassle-free. Learn how to Change Mobile Number in Indian Bank with ease using the following steps.

How to Change Mobile Number in Indian Bank?

Changing Mobile Number Online/Through Mobile App with Indian Bank Net Banking or Indian Bank Mobile Banking

If you prefer the convenience of online banking, Indian Bank net banking, or mobile apps,:

“Indian Bank does not currently offer provisions for updating mobile numbers through their online platform, including indian bank net banking.  Instead, customers are advised to utilise alternative methods such as visiting branch offices for assistance.”

Changing Mobile Number at ATM

Indian Bank does not typically provide the option to update mobile numbers through ATMs. While some banks offer this service, it’s less common and not available with Indian Bank.

Changing Mobile Number at Branch

If you prefer in-person assistance, visit your nearest Indian Bank branch and follow these steps:

1. Visit Branch: Head to your local bank branch and approach a bank representative.

2. Bring Identification: Carry valid identification documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, or Passport for verification.

3. Mobile Number Change Form: Request a mobile number update form from the bank representative.

4. Complete the Form: Fill out the form accurately with details such as your old and new mobile numbers, account information, etc.

5. Submit Documents: Submit the filled form along with the required identification documents to the bank officer.

6. Verification Process: The bank will verify your details and documentation for security purposes.

7. Receive Confirmation: Upon successful verification, you’ll receive a confirmation message from the bank.

8. Update Mobile Banking (if applicable): Re-register your new mobile number for mobile banking services as per the bank’s instructions.

9. Get Acknowledgement: Before leaving the branch, ensure you receive an acknowledgement or receipt for the mobile number change request.

Possible Documents Required

When changing your mobile number with Indian Bank, ensure you have the following documents:

– Identification Proof: Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, etc.

– Mobile Number Change Form: Provided by the bank.

– Proof of Address (Optional): Utility bills, bank statements, etc.

– Passport-sized Photograph (Varies): Some banks may request it.

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Updating your registered mobile number with Indian Bank is crucial for account security and effective communication, especially if you frequently utilise Indian Bank net banking and mobile banking services. Stay connected with your bank and keep your information up-to-date for a seamless banking experience. Learn How to Change Mobile Number in Indian Bank with confidence and ensure uninterrupted access to Indian Bank net banking and mobile banking services.


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